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Nothing protects and beautifies your home better than new siding and repairing or replacing worn or damaged siding is one of the fastest ways to increase your home’s value.

But whether you need to recover from one of our harsh Colorado hail or wind storms, or you simply want to refresh and re-style your home’s look, siding improvement projects can run from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars and that’s a hefty investment, without a doubt.

We’re Colorado Siding Repair, Denver’s premier leader in quality and value when it comes to siding repair and replacement and we started our firm with a solid dedication to helping customers like you protect their pocketbooks as well as their homes.

That’s why we’ve worked hard to become one of the area’s premier James Hardie Preferred siding companies a distinction in our industry that means you can count on us to provide you with the best solutions (materials, workmanship, pricing, and warranty) in the siding business.

It’s why we decided long ago that we’d consult with or customers as partners, helping arrive at the best option for each specific situation including finding ways to give homes a beautiful new look without replacing all the siding (when possible) and even if the best solution isn’t with us.

And it’s why you’ll experience some old-fashioned values when you work with us: Honesty, Integrity and a driving passion to put our customers (you!) first.

We’re Colorado Siding Repair, and we want you to be our next thoroughly-delighted, five-star review customer!

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Colorado Siding Repair Experience The Difference Integrity Makes

We’re Delighted To Make Your Acquaintance

We can’t wait to get to know you, and learn all we can about your family, and your home’s unique situation.


I’m Josh Dembicki, one of the founding partners in Colorado Siding Repair.  I’m a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, where I learned one simple principle my partners and I try to apply to everything our company does: Service Before Self.  I’m one of those rare “Colorado natives” that legends speak of!  But I worked and lived in 12 different countries, and five different states, before coming home to Colorado to settle down and start a family. I studied ethics and social change in school, and I believe we create the world we live in by how we think of and treat each other.


Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Paul Dickens, and it’s really great to meet you!  I’m the company’s Production Manager, and a founding partner in Colorado Siding Repair as well.  Originally from Georgia, these days I’m proud to call Colorado my permanent home.  I’ll bring more than 15 years of industry experience to work for you and your family, and help you find the siding solution that’s just right for you.  You’ve got my word on that.


Hi, Cash Stricker here, I’m another founding partner of Colorado Siding Repair.  I grew up on a farm in Nebraska before attending Moody Bible Institute. I’m an avid outdoorsman, and I’ve even led white water rafting trips and back country hiking expeditions.  I have to say I TRULY enjoy the customer interaction part of my work.  I relish the honor of serving homeowners and sometimes, I even have dinner parties with my customers after their job is complete.  True story!


I’m Katelyn Sauer, and I serve as Office Manager for Colorado Siding Repair.  Hey, somebody has to keep these guys in line!  I’m also a proud theatre geek (and I’ve even been described as “talented”).  Ask me about it!   Let me say you’re going to love working with us here at Colorado Siding Repair.  We really enjoy helping homeowners and families like yours.  All four of us have families with precious little kids at home, and we each value family life. One thing I love about working here: we truly do work on your home as though we were working on our own!

Great service start to finish with Colorado Siding Repair Reassuring expertise for a puzzling problem.
Beautiful repair work – just what we needed but nothing more.
Finished quickly. Everything left clean and orderly.
Thanks to all. Highly recommended.

Annette E. (via Google)

Colorado Siding Repair: We’re Passionate About Serving You

We’re driven by a relentless passion to help our customers, no matter their situation.  And we’re proud to say we’ve delighted customers from all walks of life, from first-time home buyers to retirees, and from “old hands” at home improvement to folks who’d never thought much about their siding (until the hail storm blew through).

Here are just a few examples of customers we’ve been delighted to serve (and serve well) since founding Colorado Siding Repair:

  • Value-conscious, “siding savvy” homeowners.  Folks who’ve received bids from other siding companies are often surprised (and quite pleasantly so) when they receive our consultation and even more so when they see the results of our work on their property.  With Colorado Siding Repair, our customers get high-quality products installed the right way, every time.
    • Recently, I proudly showed a photo of a new siding replacement project completed by Colorado Siding Repair and was pleased to note that our pricing was about half what the customer had been quoted by other firms!
    • We make a good, honest living, and we take care of our employees and crews but we don’t do so by taking advantage of our customers.  We strive for total transparency with our prospective clients seeking to help them explore all their options to find the best solution for their unique situation and it’s not uncommon for our customers to tell us they’d had proposals from other companies 30%, 40%, or even 50% higher than the prices we charge!
  • Customers who’ve been told “total replacement” was their only option.  It’s all-too-common for siding companies to want to take undue advantage of a situation (such as a hail storm) by telling any prospective customers that replacing all their home’s siding is their only option that they don’t do partial replacement.  And from their perspective, that may seem like “good business” – why do a lower-priced job when there are plenty of other hail victims out there who’ll buy the total replacement?
    • We think truly good business means doing what it takes to build a strong relationship with our customers not just building the highest-possible price tag!
    • At Colorado Siding Repair, we do plenty of full-replacement work for our clients who really need it but we do lots of partial replacement, too, when that’s the best option for our valued clients.  If we can replace the siding on just one side of your house seal it properly replace some of the trim, and paint everything (including the siding we didn’t sell you) so that everything matches in color and texture and looks “of a piece” we’d love to have the opportunity to do that for you.
    • And it’s usually a fraction of the cost of what a full replacement would have been (especially if that other company had done it!).
  • Folks who aren’t sure just what they really need.  We are your local James Hardie Preferred siding pros and high-quality, impact-resistant James Hardie fiber cement siding is often the best choice for our customers but we also install other high-quality products (such as LP SmartSide) when it’s smarter to do so.
    • There isn’t really a “one-size-fits-all” solution to siding problems at Colorado Siding Repair, we take the time to really understand your situation, and help you come up with the solution that serves you best.
  • Homeowners whose vinyl siding has been beaten up by Colorado weather.
    • We often do recommend James Hardie fiber cement siding – it’s “hardy,” without a doubt – for our customers who’ve had multiple incidents of hail damage to their vinyl siding.  We’d like to make sure your siding repair or replacement projects are few and far between!
  • Customers who need to finance a “gap” in their insurance coverage.  We work with your insurance company, and if there’s a gap between what they’ll cover and what we have to charge you, we do our best to offer financing at very low rates.
    • Monthly payments as low as $150 are not uncommon.
    • And, speaking of your homeowner’s insurance, did you know you can often get discounted insurance rates just for installing high-quality, impact-resistant siding (like James Hardie fiber cement)?
  • Roofing companies, and other home-improvement firms.  After a Colorado hail storm, roofers are busy people!  Their customers often need a single point-of-contact for the entire hail-repair project, but roofing companies don’t typically repair or replace siding.
    • We partner with roofing companies to give our customers (and theirs) a “seamless” experience in improving or repairing their property.
  • Property managers and multi-property landlords.  Many managers have come to know us as their reliable “go to” partners in keeping their tenants’ homes in top condition.
  • New homeowners who bought a house that needs a little TLC.  Often, customers will come to us who got a great deal on a house they knew needed some work, and they’ll express their surprise (sometimes shock!) over how much siding and painting can cost.
    • We work with them, from estimate to financing, to protect and beautify their new home.  We always love minimizing our customers’ worries helping them have the home they’d envisioned and will enjoy for years to come.
  • Home sellers.  Customers who’re preparing to sell their homes might not want to do a full siding replacement, but we can often help them maximize their sale price (and their chances of a timely sale) by getting the home’s exterior up to snuff for the lowest possible investment.
    • Our customers save money on their siding work, get a better price for their home (faster), and feel good about passing on the home they’ve loved to the next neighbors who’ll love it.  We’re always delighted to come up with solutions that serve both sellers and buyers!

What’s Your Unique Situation?

Whatever your siding needs, my partners and I will be honored when you give Colorado Siding Repair an opportunity to put our values and know-how to work for you.

We’ll start with a free, no-obligation consultation, and see where the conversation leads.  If we aren’t your best solution, we’ll be honest with you about that.

But we know you’ll be delighted working with us.  One look at our many five-star reviews online (on Google or Yelp, for instance) and you’ll see our passion for service excellence is consistently reflected in our customers’ words.

We’d love the chance to earn our next glowing recommendation from you.


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