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When an ambitious young entrepreneur named James left his family’s tannery business in Scotland to seek his fortune in Australia, he couldn’t have known that one day the company that bears his name would be the world leader in a product from which virtually every homeowner could benefit.

James Hardie is generally regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of “fiber cement” building materials, including a wide assortment of siding products that lend great beauty and resilience to just about any home.

The company pioneered the development of fiber cement products more than forty years ago and now enjoys a significant leadership position in the market.

And you, the Denver homeowner, can benefit from this leadership by engaging the services of a James Hardie Preferred siding company, such as [csr].

Full And Partial Siding Replacement Full And Lasting Integrity

What Is Fiber Cement?

Fiber cement is the most versatile, durable, resilient siding product on the market today.  It stands up to the rigors of challenge (such as those presented by Colorado’s harsh-at-times weather) as well as (or better than) any other type of siding.

It’s comprised of a combination of cement, cellulose fibers, and other sturdy materials that make it an unbeatable choice for most siding repair and replacement projects.

James Hardie fiber cement siding represents a significant “upgrade” from the popular (but easily damaged) vinyl siding you see on so many homes.  As such, an investment in James Hardie fiber cement is a bit pricier than less-sturdy siding options.

But when you consider its durability and nearly maintenance-free attributes, it’s an outstanding long-term choice for value, quality, and economy.

So Many Options To Choose From

When it comes to the many uses of James Hardie fiber cement siding to create just the perfect look and weather-resistance for your home, the options are nearly endless.

  • Styles You can choose from shingles (straight or staggered, in a variety of sizes and shapes), sheets, classic “clapboard” rows, or panels that create a stucco or brick look.
  • Colors Just about any color can be infused into your James Hardie fiber cement siding!  Free your inner design muse if you can dream it, it’s possible to have it with James Hardie.
  • Textures Smooth rough-hewn wood grain again, you have many texture options with James Hardie fiber cement siding.  You can create the look you’ve always wanted for your home.

And The Finest Installation Available Anywhere (Even From Higher-Priced Firms)

[csr] is proud to have earned the James Hardie Preferred designation.  Not every siding company can claim this highly-coveted distinction.

What does it mean to you?

It means you can rely on Colorado Siding Repair to be your trusted advisors – your experts – on James Hardie fiber cement siding products the world’s finest

It means you can rest assured that your installation will follow the rigorous, state-of-the-art demands of James Hardie and the unique specifications of this superior product.

And it means your siding project will be done right, the first time, every time when you make the call to your Denver-area James Hardie Preferred experts at Colorado Siding Repair.

They started on schedule, were amazingly detail oriented and willing to adjust the look to my needs.
This was no ordinary project.
We used James Hardie smooth panels and cedar-looking lap siding on a mid-century modern home.
It was a tall order and they were up for the challenge.
The creative process was iterative and balanced – never pushy.
The end result is AWESOME!
The entire team was hands-on and we now have actualized the vision we had for our beloved MCM.
Don’t hesitate to call Colorado Siding Repair.
They are echelons above simply repairing siding.
They are creative visionaries looking to stretch themselves
way beyond your conventional siding needs.

Edgar P. (via Yelp)


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