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Everything’s going along smoothly at your lovely Colorado home

and then the hail storm moves through, slamming your house and leaving marble-sized dents, holes, and chips in your home’s exterior.  Tree branches knocked loose by the hail do more damage and you’ve even lost one end of a gutter, leaving you with a real unsightly mess.

Before you have a chance to make repairs, here comes one of Colorado’s famous high-wind gust storms.  That gutter that was hanging by one end over your driveway?  Now it’s lying in the driveway three doors down!  And so are several pieces of your inexpensive “lifetime” vinyl siding.

At Colorado Siding Repair, we’ve seen it all.  The scenario just described is not uncommon in our vast home improvement experience.  We started our company to help customers with problems like these providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions that protect your home and your wallet.

We offer a full range of siding and home-exterior services.  Whatever you truly need, Colorado Siding Repair is there for you.  As a premier James Hardie Preferred company, we work with the very best materials on the market.  And we offer a lifetime warranty on our firm’s workmanship.

Unlike some siding contractors who blow through the neighborhood (not unlike the storm they’re chasing), we do not automatically assume (or suggest) that your only option is to replace every inch of your home’s exterior.

We proudly offer full and partial replacement if we can do a siding repair or partial replacement, saving you thousands over the cost of a full siding replacement we’d be honored if you’d engage us to do just that.

Give us a call, and get the straight scoop on what your home really needs nothing more (expensive), and nothing less (effective).

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Siding Damaged By Hail Or Wind? Make The Call To Colorado Siding Repair

When it comes to siding, whether you need to restore your home’s beauty (and protection) following a Colorado storm, or simply upgrade your property with a fresh new look at Colorado Siding Repair, we do it all.

  • Siding Repair – In some cases, your existing siding can be repaired with simple techniques that can extend its life and forestall the need to re-side the home.
  • Siding Replacement – We can handle any job, large or small from replacing every inch of your siding for that dazzling new look (and higher-value “curb appeal”), to a partial replacement we install and paint to match the remaining siding as though it’s “of a piece” with the original material.
  • Collaboration With Other Firms – If the hail damaged your siding, chances are you need at least some work done on your roof, gutters, and windows, too.  No one works more closely and smoothly with your roofers and gutter contractors than Colorado Siding Repair.  We want to do everything we can to reduce your worries!
  • Expert Help In Choosing Materials – We’ve done a lot of siding projects in Denver and Colorado and we’ve learned a lot about what works best for our local conditions.  That’s one reason Colorado Siding Repair is a James Hardie Preferred company.  But selecting the right materials for your project will depend on your unique circumstances, from your home’s configuration to your insurance coverage and budget.  We have the experience to work with any situation, giving you the best possible options for your project.
  • Professional, Experienced Design Consulting – Not sure what “style” would be just right for your home?  We can help.  No one knows more about the different styles, colors, and textures available on today’s market than the siding experts at Colorado Siding Repair.
  • Insurance Coordination And Financing – We’ve worked with virtually every home insurer out there, and our superior experience and attention to detail means we’ll give you a line-by-line estimate that exactly matches what your insurance company will need to process your claim.  And if there’s still a gap between what’s covered and the low price we need to charge for the project, we can help bridge that gap with low-interest financing, too.

We Love Helping People Like You!

We know how frustrating it can be to undertake such a high-investment home improvement project as siding replacement.  We get it.  The last thing you need is a pushy salesperson trying to convince you that your only option is to replace every inch of your home’s exterior at a dear price.  Anything less just “isn’t worth their time.”

Colorado Siding Repair was founded on the principle of truly helping our customers when others can’t (or won’t) Service Before Self guides everything we do.

That’s why you’ll find many glowing five-star reviews of our siding services online, on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere.

Let us earn our next one from you!


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