Hail Damaged Siding, Denver?

Colorado Siding Repair: Full AND Partial Replacement

In Colorado, we see our share of fierce hail storms. And in the Denver area, “hail season” seems to stretch through most of the year.

The storm moves through, leaving everything from the hood of your car to the side of your house dented, pock-marked, even riddled with holes.

If your home’s siding is damaged by pummeling hail, the time to address the problem is now. You mustn’t risk further (and more costly) damage that could be caused by moisture leaking through your suddenly-porous siding and ruining the substrate.

Call the experts at Colorado Siding Repair. There’s virtually no hail-damage problem we haven’t seen – and fixed – for our delighted customers.

We invite you to check us out online – read some of the many enthusiastic five-star reviews from our customers – and then give us a call.

We’d be honored by the opportunity to serve you and your family, and to show you what it means when we put our central operating principle (Service Before Self) at the forefront of everything we do.

You Could Save Thousands With A Partial Replacement Of Hail Damaged Siding
Colorado Siding Repair

Do You Need A Full, Whole-House Siding Replacement?


But maybe not.

You’re in a tough spot and siding salesmen in your area know it.

At Colorado Siding Repair, our customers have told us too many “horror stories” about pushy siding salespeople who blow through the neighborhood right after the hail does, taking full advantage of homeowners’ misfortune in an effort to sell as much siding – and billable hours of labor – as possible.

Many of these salespeople will take a quick look at your home, and then declare that you need a full replacement of every inch of your home’s siding.

Even if only one wall of your home was damaged, they might tell you nothing but a full replacement will solve the problem that you won’t find any company that will do less than a full replacement (after all, look at all the work out there!) and that your insurance will cover the full replacement anyway.

You might take the bait, and you might get a full replacement of your home’s siding from that company.

But you won’t be getting the full truth.

Call The Experts In Hail Damaged Siding Replacement

Sometimes, Your Best Option Is Partial Replacement

At Colorado Siding Repair, we happily do both full and partial siding replacement projects.

We’ve done many partial replacement jobs to help homeowners recover from a harsh Colorado hail storm. We painstakingly match the new material to the existing (undamaged) siding on your home, and we install and paint everything to look great – “like nothing ever happened.”

And, in doing so, we save our customers thousands of dollars.

It’s true that, in some cases, the best option is a full siding replacement. And in those cases, we’re proud to have been able to work with our customer and their insurer to get everything covered, so that the home’s entire siding can be upgraded to a fresh, new look.

And we stand behind our work, offering a full lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

Right after Mother Nature knocks dents and holes in your siding, a siding salesman is sure to knock on your door. Don’t sign up with the first company that solicits you for a full siding replacement! Give us a call.

Whether you need full or partial siding replacement, you can count on the experts at Colorado Siding Repair to give you the full truth. That’s how we’ve built a solid reputation as the Denver area’s trusted siding advisors.

And as one of the area’s few James Hardie Preferred companies, we are fully qualified to help you understand the full range of your options for replacement of your hail damaged siding.

We can’t wait to earn our next great online review from you!

Colorado Siding Repair was extremely helpful on my extensive hail damage…
responded immediately to my questions and offered excellent advice
on a problem I encountered with another contractor.
Prices were good and customer service was top notch.
I highly recommend their services.

Shay C. (via Google)

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