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A fierce Colorado wind storm blows through your neighborhood, throwing debris against your house and leaving dents, pock marks and holes in your siding.

Hours later (or so it seems), a salesman from a siding company shows up at your door.

And that’s when the real winds of trouble begin to blow!

After a quick stroll around your house, the salesman jots a few notes on a clipboard, then announces that you have no choice but to replace every inch of siding on your house.  And you probably need a new roof and gutters, and a window frame or two.  Or several.

That’ll be tens of thousands of dollars, total, but for his part of the job?  Only several thousand dollars and they only do siding, you know, so you’re on your own for the rest.

Good luck.

Colorado’s weather can certainly cause problems from time to time sometimes expensive problems and often, these problems lead to astounding insurance claims.

But before you sign that pushy salesman’s contract, give Colorado Siding Repair a call.

You may have to file a claim with your insurance company and you may have to undertake some expense to restore your home’s weather-resistance and beauty but the whole thing might be resolved for far less than the salesman would lead you to believe.

You may be able to repair the problem with a partial siding replacement (though he’ll tell you his company doesn’t do those projects, and may even say nobody does).

But he’s wrong.  We do!

When it’s the right solution for a customer who needs to repair damaged siding, we will happily do partial siding replacement.

Call Colorado Siding Repair – find out what your options really are.

Colorado Siding Repair
We Help When Others Can’t (Or Won’t)

Do You Really Need A Full Siding Replacement?

At Colorado Siding Repair, our commitment to integrity means we’ll always be honest with you.  You might need a full siding replacement to restore your home’s beauty and protection from the elements but you might have other options.

  • Partial Replacement.  We know many siding salespeople will tell you they don’t do partial replacements.  After all, for the average siding company, why bother with a partial replacement when there are other people in the neighborhood who’ll buy the full replacement (even if it isn’t what they really need)?

When you’re in business just to make as much money as possible (as quickly as possible), that approach might fit with your operating principles.

But it doesn’t fit with ours.

We founded Colorado Siding Repair to help people who need our services.  Our core operating principle is Service Before Self and we really mean it.

So if we can do a partial replacement of your hail-damaged siding – say, just one wall of the home, matching your existing siding in style and texture and then painting everything to match – we’re happy to do it.

And for a fraction of what you’d pay (especially to another company) for a full siding replacement.

  • Siding Repair  Another thing you may have heard is that you can pull damaged siding off the house, sand it, patch it, re-attach it and paint it in other words, “repair” it.

You can try that some “do-it-yourselfers” make the attempt but the siding professionals here at Colorado Siding Repair don’t recommend it.  It just doesn’t give you a good result.

A quick-fix job like that will invariably end up looking like exactly what it is – a quick-fix.  And it’s too easy to make errors in re-installing damaged siding such that leaks and other problems aren’t really solved.

In most cases, a “repair” will not only look bad it will cost more than replacement!

When siding is damaged to the extent that the look and protection of your home is threatened, the best option is to replace it – with top-quality products, selected to match your remaining siding (in the case of a partial replacement), and expertly installed so that the problem is completely solved.

That’s why we founded Colorado Siding Repair – in part, to help folks who don’t really need a full replacement of their home’s siding to repair the damage, but for whom the right repair solution could be a far-less-expensive (but potentially equally effective) partial replacement.

A full replacement might still be your best solution and nobody will do a better full replacement for you at a more value-conscious price but at Colorado Siding Repair, we’ll help you explore all the options and we will find a solution that perfectly suits your home – and your budget.

I was very pleased and satisfied with Colorado Siding Repair and would highly recommend them!! After being exhausted from meeting other companies for estimates
(and their high pressure “used car dealer type” people),
I was so refreshed and found instant peace when I met up with Colorado Siding Repair!
I felt like I was talking to a human who actually cared!
I went with my gut and hired them! Very wise decision!
They were down-to-earth, professional, caring.
The crew was neat and clean, and they did a very good job!
They left our property neat and very clean, too!
I have only good things to say about this company!
They are very comparable to other people’s prices, but I found them to be even more affordable because they did include painting the siding when they were finished with the job.
No other companies offered this!
Our house looks beautiful again!
You will also find that not many other companies offer partial repair – they do!!
Whether your job Is small or large look no further!
Believe me when I say I did the foot work and research, which was very time consuming!
I’m very happy I chose this company and highly recommend them.
I’m a satisfied customer!

Linda S. (via GuildQuality)

A NOTE FROM Colorado Siding Repair: Linda shared with us that she had called twenty siding companies before choosing us.  We’re so honored!  She really did do the foot work!

Call Colorado Siding Repair, and let us put our Service Before Self principles to the test for you and your family.  We’ll give you an honest, expert assessment of your home’s situation, and clearly lay out your options.

And we’ll work with you to provide the best siding solution for your home.


We’re On YOUR Side!