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The best thing about Colorado Siding & Repair (unlike the other siding companies I had called before engaging them) is that they do partial replacement and repair in addition to full siding replacement. Other area companies will not do partial replacement/repair of damaged siding. This is a niche they have in this market. I basically needed only one and a half sides of my house’s siding replaced. Despite a few minor scheduling hiccups along the way, my interactions with the conscientious Cash Stricker and Paul Dickens were very positive, polite and professional. The fellow that came to do the work was a Brazilian man named Iolando with decades of siding experience. I was impressed that he went that extra mile in noticing a hole above the vent under an eave. He got a piece of metal and patched that hole. When Iolando left I gave him a CD of Brazilian music and thanked him for his good work. This company is highly recommended.

Peter T. September 17, 2018