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Types Of Siding Denver Homes Require

When it’s time to upgrade (or repair) the exterior of your Denver home, you’ll find there are many choices available on today’s market.  Styles, colors, textures where to begin?

The local siding experts at Colorado Siding Repair are ready to help you navigate the many choices available for full or partial replacement of your home’s siding.

There are several different types of siding from which you could choose but which is best for your home, and for your family’s unique situation?

The pros at Colorado Siding Repair have amassed years of experience in all types of siding projects.  As one of the area’s premier James Hardie Preferred siding firms (an important distinction of which we’re quite proud), we have a well-informed perspective on what works best in Denver and Colorado.

Tapping into our deep expertise costs you nothing and is only a phone call away.

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Discussion: The Most Popular Siding Types Available Today

Vinyl?  Fiber cement?  Wood, or metal?  Just as you have a lot of choices in siding installation companies, we know you have many types of siding to sort through before arriving at just the right option for your home (and budget).

Colorado Siding Repair is here to help!

Here’s a brief discussion of the different types of siding we see on most Colorado homes, and what you can expect from the various choices

  • Vinyl Siding.  You’ve probably seen ads for vinyl siding, in print and on the air, for years.  National firms have put forth a massive effort to market vinyl siding; maybe that’s why vinyl is the most popular choice across America today.
    • Vinyl’s relatively inexpensive compared with other choices, and it’s available in a variety of colors, textures, and styles.  It can be easy to clean.
      • But vinyl siding is not your most durable choice and since you’ll probably have to repair or replace it on occasion, it’s unlikely vinyl will be your most cost-effective option in the long term.  You usually can’t change the color you choose vinyl tends to warp over time and even tree branches can leave unsightly dents and dings in your vinyl siding.  Needless to say, vinyl siding has a hard time standing up to Colorado’s harsh weather, including hail and high winds.
  • Metal.  There are a couple of different types of metal siding available you’ll see homes with steel siding, which can be resistant to impact (hail), or aluminum (which won’t rust).
    • Metal siding won’t mold, rot, or fade, and it can be appropriate for some situations fairly low-maintenance fire resistant and somewhat eco-friendly (there’s little waste in the installation process).
      • Steel is heavy – durable, but quite expensive because it takes longer to install.  Aluminum?  Very easy to dent (and here in Colorado, there’s always another hail storm around the corner!).  And if not installed properly, your metal siding could rust.
  • Natural Wood.  Cedar siding has been very popular in Colorado for many years.  It comes in a variety of types, including channel rustic, traditional Dutch Lap, clapboard, and shake shingles.
    • Cedar gives your home a “classic Colorado” look.  It’s light (quick to install), and quite eco-friendly cedar siding can be stained or painted, and generally has a high energy-efficiency rating.
      • But cedar siding is by far your most expensive and maintenance-intensive option.  It takes a lot of work to keep it looking good.  Insects love wood siding, and it can be damaged by water (think about the impact of a Colorado downpour on your wood siding).  Cedar siding must be sealed soon after installation and while it can be stained or painted, both finish options cost more than a typical paint job on engineered siding (composite wood or fiber cement).  Cedar’s generally your most expensive option in the long-run.  And don’t forget the fire hazard posed by wood siding in the dry Colorado climate.
  • Composite Wood.  LP SmartSide is Colorado’s clear choice for durable, beautiful composite wood siding.  It’s a great product, and a strong option for your Colorado home, especially in certain circumstances.
    • LP SmartSide is lighter than some other types of siding, so it’s easier to install in most cases.  You can use LP SmartSide to match a lot of the existing composite wood siding out there, so it’s often the product-of-choice when partial replacement is your best option.  It’s also a bit more resistant to damage from water and bugs than cedar siding, and requires a bit less maintenance
      • As good a product as it is, LP SmartSide doesn’t come with as strong a warranty as James Hardie fiber cement but it costs the same.  And it has to be painted, which is why it’s not generally the best choice for a full-replacement project.
  • Fiber Cement Siding.  Fiber cement has become one of the most popular choices for Denver and Colorado homes at Colorado Siding Repair, as a James Hardie Preferred installer, we work with superior James Hardie fiber cement siding for a large percentage of our customers’ projects.
    • Fiber cement generally requires a larger initial investment than cheaper alternatives such as vinyl or aluminum some brands are prone to chips and other wear that can require occasional touch-ups and it’s often a good idea to repaint it after several years.
      • But, for the long term, James Hardie fiber cement siding is often the most cost-effective choice for our Denver homeowners.  It is formulated to look like natural wood, but its resistance to fire and weather is phenomenal (far surpassing wood siding).  Fiber cement siding doesn’t rot or decay termites don’t attack it… and its insulating properties are advantageous.  And it’s available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures.

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Full Or Partial Replacement

At Colorado Siding Repair, we don’t automatically assume (or advise) that you’ll have to replace every square inch of your home’s siding in order to recover from a Colorado storm or upgrade the look of your home.

We do full and partial siding replacement projects.

Often, a partial replacement will get the job done beautifully, saving our customers thousands of dollars.

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