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What is Composite Siding?

If your home’s siding isn’t all-wood, metal, or vinyl chances are, it’s made of a composite of materials.

And not all composites are created equal!

For instance:

Asbestos Siding.  Asbestos is a dangerous material which, if not properly handled and abated, can make you very sick or even cause death.  At Colorado Siding Repair, we never touch the stuff!  Before the dangers of asbestos were well known (early in the twentieth century), asbestos siding was quite popular – widely manufactured and distributed.  So it’s not uncommon to find it in Denver-area homes.  If you’re in need of a replacement of your home’s asbestos siding, give us a call.  We’ll help you by partnering with local firms to have that old siding abated and replaced (it’s not as expensive as you might think) leaving you with a safer, cleaner, much more beautiful (and valuable) home.

Composite Wood Siding.  This is a much better choice for Colorado homes – especially the popular LP SmartSide composite wood siding.  It’s easy to match your existing composite wood siding with the many choices available from LP SmartSide so if a partial replacement works for your home, it’s a great option.  It’s more resistant to damage than natural wood siding, and requires less maintenance but it does have to be painted, so for a full replacement, it can be a bit pricier than other options, such as fiber cement siding.

Fiber Cement Siding.  Fiber cement is king and James Hardie manufactures the king of fiber cement siding.  As a James Hardie Elite Preferred installer, Colorado Siding Repair works with this superior product frequently, for projects large and small.  We’re your local fiber cement siding experts.  It’s often the most cost-effective choice for Denver-area homeowners it’s available in just about any color and style you’d want (or need to match), it offers superior resistance and durability, and you can’t beat it for long-lasting beauty.

Colorado Siding Repair: Trusted For Full or Partial Siding Replacement

At Colorado Siding Repair, you have a trusted ally for your home improvement, whether you’re recovering from a storm or looking for a great new look (and enhanced value) for your home.

You’ll find we put our customers first, and always do business with integrity. We’re on your “side!”

We do full and partial siding replacement projects whatever works best for you, your home, and your budget.

We don’t assume you’re going to need a full replacement of every square inch of your home’s siding. With the choices available on today’s market for matching your existing siding, a partial replacement will often serve you well and save you thousands.

And you can count on us to be honest with you about your siding options.

Maybe that’s why we’re blessed to have received many five-star online reviews, and why our customers routinely write wonderful things about Colorado Siding Repair.

We’d love the opportunity to make you our next enthusiastically-happy customer!


We're on your "side". We put our customers first. We are proud to be your trusted siding guide.


We can do partial or full replacement. We work with your budget. Leave the high-pressure sales behind.


We work with you to reach your goals as a Denver homeowner. Our team will guide you through your financing options.


We are a five-star company. We have earned recognition in our industry as one of the leading siding contractors in Colorado.

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