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About Asbestos Siding

As our good friend, Joel Egelman of Asbestos Abatement says, “Asbestos is ugly!”

Asbestos (which is basically a mineral – a rock) was widely used early in the twentieth century to manufacture many different building materials – including some forms of composite siding.

That was before the extreme health risks posed by asbestos were known.

Left undisturbed, asbestos isn’t dangerous. But when it’s disturbed – cracked, broken, or peeling – it’s one of the worst health hazards around. It flakes into microscopic particles which, if inhaled, can cause serious medical problems. Even death.

The most common form of asbestos residential siding we find in the Denver area is comprised of 24-inch by 12-inch panels, or tiles. It is sturdy siding people who have these tiles on their home have painted over them, in many cases several times, and sometimes from generation to generation.

But eventually, these asbestos tiles do crack and break. And that’s a problem.

If you know, or even suspect, that you have asbestos siding give us a call. We can help you get started on the path to a cleaner, healthier, more beautiful, and much more valuable home.

Through Our Partnerships, We Can Get Your Asbestos Problem Solved

 Because of the major health risks, our policy at Colorado Siding Repair is not to do any work with asbestos siding. We don’t allow our valued employees to install it, to repair it, or to remove it.

We don’t touch the stuff and neither should you.

The good news is that we’ve formed great relationships with professionals who do handle asbestos problems and they’re just as expert with asbestos as we are with siding.

(Call Asbestos Abatement to have your siding removed 303-794-4450 – and tell them we sent you!)

We can refer you to the area’s best firms for testing and abating asbestos materials and they can do this more affordably than you might think. And certainly, when you consider the health risks to your family, you can’t afford not to get rid of the asbestos.

Once our partners at Asbestos Abatement have removed the asbestos threat from your life, count on the pros at Colorado Siding Repair to help you assess your options and arrive at just the right solution for your home’s siding needs.

We do full and partial siding replacement unique among Denver-area siding companies. And though you’ll want to have all the asbestos removed from your home, in cases where only part of the home had asbestos, we can match or coordinate with the rest of your siding to replace only the dangerous asbestos.

And that will likely save you thousands of dollars.

We practice our profession with complete integrity. We will be honest with you, and help you sort through your options for a thorough and beautiful siding solution you’ll treasure for years to come.

Perhaps that’s why we’ve been fortunate enough to earn many five-star reviews online (and elsewhere), and why our customers enthusiastically recommend Colorado Siding Repair.

We’d love to meet you, take a look at your home, and start a relationship that will lead to our next glowing review from you!

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