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A few decades ago, metal siding was very popular in the United States, and became common (almost prolific) as a go-to choice for Denver-area homeowners.

Metal siding has a look similar to less-expensive vinyl siding but a strong metal siding product offers more protection than lightweight vinyl siding (an important consideration for homes that have to stand up to Colorado’s often-harsh weather).

So, as a sturdier alternative, metal siding was often chosen over vinyl for Denver-area homes. You’ll still see it on a fair number of mid-century houses around town.

If you’re considering metal siding for your home, you might not be aware of the significant developments in the siding industry over the past few years.

In many ways, the industry has moved well beyond metal siding, and that’s good news for Colorado homeowners. You can now get siding products that offer all the beauty and protection of metal, but with much greater variety in style and color and at the same price as (or often less than) heavy metal siding materials.

Whether you have your heart set on sturdy metal siding, or you want to explore alternatives for your home, the pros at Colorado Siding Repair would welcome the opportunity to consult with you. We’ll take a look at your unique situation, and we’ll offer you the benefit of our expertise to find the perfect solution for you.

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It’s true: prices have recently increased for quality metal siding products… they now cost as much as, or more than, the top-notch modern siding products (the undisputed champion of which is James Hardie fiber cement siding).

There are a few different types of metal siding… but when you exclude the very expensive types which are only appropriate for commercial or industrial applications, the main options for Denver homeowners are aluminum and steel.

  • Aluminum Siding.  You still see aluminum siding on homes in our area but, frankly, it’s just not a good idea.  It’s just as fragile as inexpensive vinyl siding, and that’s not a good choice when you consider the frequency and severity of the hail storms we often see in the Denver area (though aluminum does bend, instead of breaking the way vinyl does).  Another advantage of aluminum siding over vinyl is that, while it comes pre-colored from the manufacturer, it can be painted to match your home’s décor.  But for the same price, you can get top-quality James Hardie fiber cement siding the best product on the siding market today, offering far more choice (and far more effectiveness in protecting your home) than spendy aluminum siding.
  • Steel Siding.  Steel siding is stronger and tougher than aluminum but be careful.  A fierce Colorado hail storm is still sure to dent your steel siding.  Like aluminum, it’s pre-colored, but can be painted.  But, also like aluminum, recent increases in steel prices mean you can still get the good stuff – James Hardie fiber cement – for about the same price (and sometimes less).

At Colorado Siding Repair, we’ve installed and replaced a great deal of metal siding over the years.  If metal is truly your best option (or your clear preference), we’ll be happy to perform a top-notch installation for your home.

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Colorado Siding Repair: Full Or Partial Siding Replacement

We’ve built our firm’s strong reputation on doing business with the highest ethical standards. We believe in Service Before Self, and we try to keep that principle in the forefront of everything our company does.

You can count on us as your ally, as you search for the very-best siding option for your Denver-area home.

For instance, unlike some siding companies, we never automatically assume you need a full replacement of every inch of siding on your home. If we can do a partial replacement, matching your remaining siding and giving your home the right look (and protection) we’ll be happy to do so.

And you’ll save thousands!

However, in addition to the price of metal siding products, one other challenge of which you should be aware is that even a partial replacement of metal siding requires replacing the entire wall of your home, top-to-bottom and corner-to-corner.

With high-quality fiber cement siding (made by James Hardie), and even with inexpensive vinyl siding, we can sometimes replace just a panel or two. But metal bends and that means your replacement has to cover at least one entire wall.

If the corner brackets are damaged, we can often replace those without extending the project but if the corner post is damaged, the adjacent wall has to be replaced as well.

We’ll do the very best anyone can do to make sure you get the right solution for your home and help you meet whatever challenges Mother Nature has thrown your way.

We love our customers and they love us! One look at our enthusiastic online reviews, and our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and you’ll see the difference Colorado Siding Repair offers you in expertise and integrity.

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