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Attractive, durable siding is one of the best investments you can make in your Denver-area home.

Your home’s siding protects you and your family from the elements and protects your home from damage. And beautiful siding adds curb appeal – and value – to your home.

Whether you’re bringing your home back from one of our famous Colorado storms (hail, wind, heavy snow – we see it all here) or you want to spruce things up to facilitate a sale of the property or you just want to add beauty and protection to your home we can help.

We’re Colorado Siding Repair – the Denver area’s five-star and A+-rated siding pros – and we offer our customers the very best products, service, and advice available anywhere.

We’re experts in all kinds of siding and installation methods and that includes installing or replacing vinyl siding for our customers who need it.

Give us a call we’ll help you explore your options and give you the kind of respect and attention you deserve. After all, our goal is to work hard to earn our next five-star online review from you.

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Do You Need A Full Siding Replacement? Maybe Not

Maybe you need a full replacement of every inch of siding on your home. We can take care of that for you.

Or maybe you just have one wall that was damaged by a storm, and could save thousands with a partial replacement.

We do that, too and many of our competitors won’t.

We can painstakingly match the remaining siding with new material, perform an expert installation, and leave your home looking like nothing ever happened.

And your choices in siding products are vastly improved since just a few years ago. You may not even be aware of some of the fantastic products out there today – such as James Hardie fiber cement siding, the most durable and long-term cost-effective siding ever developed.

We’re a James Hardie Preferred company experts in the very-best products and the latest trends in the siding business.

If you’re on a strict budget, you may have to economize up-front. That’s where vinyl comes in and new vinyl siding might be the best option for your home (and your budget). If it is, you can count on Colorado Siding Repair to do a great job on your vinyl siding project.

But watch out: sometimes you can get a vastly-superior siding product, like James Hardie fiber cement, in exactly the style and type you need to match your existing siding… for about the same cost as some of the best vinyl products.

At Colorado Siding Repair, we want to help you explore all your options, and help you find just the right solution for your home’s siding needs and for your household finances, today and in the future.

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Discussion: The Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Siding

If you’re on a limited up-front budget, and need siding replaced ASAP, vinyl siding may be your best choice. In fact, for some customers, it might be the only feasible option.

When a customer in this situation reaches out to us, we are more than happy to take on their vinyl siding project, and perform the most thorough, professional vinyl siding installation available anywhere.

At the same time, we want our customers to be fully informed when it comes to the many siding options available to them.

On the plus side, vinyl siding is one of the most inexpensive materials available. Depending on the brand and style, vinyl siding might be your most economical choice in the short term.

And it’s much lighter than most other siding products, which usually means it can be installed perfectly in less time which will save you a bit more on the “front end.”

And vinyl siding – especially some of the better material, such as insulated vinyl siding – does provide at least basic protection for your home, while giving the house a fresh new look.

But these advantages come at a “price.” Vinyl siding is much more easily damaged than, say, James Hardie fiber cement siding which means you could be looking at replacing it far more often than you would replace the sturdier siding products available today.

If your primary economic concern is for the long term, vinyl is probably not your most cost-effective choice when compared to your other options.

And while some of the better siding products can be painted to change the look and style of the house, that’s not the case with vinyl. It comes in a certain color, and your house will be that color until you replace that siding.

So if you must save money today, vinyl could be your best choice but if you’re thinking more about the long-term cost implications, you’re probably well-advised to look at other options.

Give us a call! We’ll help you sort it all out. We want to give you the best solution for you and your family.

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