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You can count on Colorado Siding Repair to be straight with you about your options when it comes time to replace the siding on your Denver-area home, whether sprucing it up for a sale, giving it a make-over for your own enjoyment, or recovering from a harsh Colorado storm.

For instance, while some siding firms will insist you need a full replacement of all the siding on your house, Colorado Siding Repair’s experts will dig deeper, exploring whether you might be better served by a partial replacement (which could save you thousands of dollars).

And nobody will give you more honest advice when it comes to your options. Vinyl siding may be your best – or only – choice. But if you haven’t checked out some of the newest innovations in siding materials, we’ll help you explore other options which might serve you better in the long run.

Insulated Vinyl Siding: A Good Choice

But not, perhaps, your best choice. And often, not your only option!

Insulated vinyl is a cut above the standard, lightweight vinyl products that have been so popular with budget-minded siding customers for several years.

Vinyl is cheaper to buy up-front, and its lighter weight makes for a quicker (and less expensive) installation.

But vinyl’s a lightweight when it comes to protection and durability, too. Vinyl siding is much more easily damaged than some of the other options on the market which means it’s likely to need much more frequent replacement.

The best vinyl siding – insulated vinyl – provides a bit more protection against weather-related threats, such as hail. With insulation contoured inside, insulated vinyl stands up to Mother Nature a little more strongly than other vinyl siding products.

But it’s still vinyl. It can’t be painted so you’ll have the same color on your home until you replace the vinyl siding. And vinyl does expand and contract with the weather over a twelve-foot span, you have to figure on more than an inch of “movement” depending upon conditions.

And, over time, vinyl siding fades and when it does, it’s impossible to hide the “old” look of your home.

Insulated vinyl is a more rugged choice than the least expensive vinyl products. But here’s the rub: it costs almost as much up-front as the most durable siding you can get: James Hardie fiber cement.

And with James Hardie, you’ll save much more money in the long term. The best fiber cement products (which are available, by the way, in a stunning variety of styles and colors) will last for years and years and when your fiber cement siding needs a fresh look (or you want a fresh style) you can paint it!

So if you thought vinyl siding – even upgraded insulated vinyl – was your only option, let us help you explore the latest innovations in siding products. Insulated vinyl might still be your best choice. But give us a call, let us provide you with an expert consultation and then you’ll know for sure.

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