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Natural Cedar? Tough Engineered Wood? It's Your Style Choice

The main reason people choose natural wood siding – in Colorado, the popular choice is cedar siding – is the aesthetic beauty it brings to the home’s look and style. For some, there’s just nothing like the look and eco-friendliness of real cedar siding.

True: cedar siding can be pricey, and it is not a low-maintenance option it takes a fair amount of work to keep it looking good. Cedar siding must be sealed and/or stained at least every other year in Colorado and if it’s attacked by pests, you may find yourself replacing it with some regularity.

But when nothing but the true classic wood style will do, many of your neighbors find beautiful cedar siding well worth the extra price. And at Colorado Siding Repair, we do a lot of work with cedar projects for our discriminating clients.

For those who like the classic wood look, but who are more cost-conscious, a good engineered wood siding product might be the answer. A top-quality engineered wood product can give you that great wood style, but with enhanced durability and protection and at a lower cost, both now and in the future.

But not all engineered products are the same. Some manufacturers have experimented with formulations that just don’t stand up well to the Colorado elements, breaking and falling apart under the pressure of a Rocky Mountain storm.

One engineered product – LP SmartSide – stands above the rest. Nothing beats it for combining a stylish wood look with long-lasting, tough protection for your home. And it’s often an affordable alternative to cedar.

One more option to consider: James Hardie fiber cement siding is the toughest, most durable product on the market today and with the huge assortment of styles, colors, and looks available, you might be able to get the “wood” look you’re going for, at a lower cost, and with much greater durability than you’d get with “real” wood.

Whatever your style choice, the experts at Colorado Siding Repair are ready to give your home a fresh, fabulous look, with a siding solution to perfectly fit your home – and your budget.

  • The look and eco-friendliness of Cedar siding is a popular choice
  • Most "wood" siding is actually made from a composite of materials
  • Colorado Siding Repair will help you weigh the pros and cons and typically recommend the state-of the art composite sidings on the market today

Full AND Partial Siding Replacement

Many of your Denver and Colorado neighbors agree: For that beautiful, rustic, Rocky Mountain look, nothing beats real wood siding for your home.

Maybe you’re looking to put things right after one of our fierce Colorado hail– or wind-storms. Or maybe it’s just time for a gorgeous new look for your home – for the beauty and style you can only get with wood siding.

Colorado Siding Repair is your trusted partner in bringing that tough, long-lasting style and protection to your home – as well as the enhanced property value great home siding provides.

If you’re considering upgrading or replacing your home’s siding with beautiful new wood materials, give the pros at Colorado Siding Repair a call. We’ll send an expert technician to your property to conduct a thorough analysis, and we’ll consult with you on the best solution for your home (and your budget).

Recovering from a storm? Many siding companies will flatly claim you need a full replacement of all your home’s siding but we don’t make that assumption at Colorado Siding Repair.

If we can do a partial replacement – re-siding just the one wall of the house that was damaged, while painstakingly matching the new material to your undamaged remaining siding – we’ll happily do so (where others won’t bother).

And, if we can, it’ll save you thousands of dollars.

So give us a call. Whether it’s beautiful natural wood siding, like the top-of-the-line cedar products we often work with, or one of the amazing engineered wood materials that stand tough and look beautiful (and make you look smart!), we want to earn our next great online review from you.


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