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If you love the look of wood siding, but want the durability and cost-effectiveness you can’t get with natural wood (like cedar), modern technology and innovation provide a perfect solution for your home’s siding needs.

Engineered wood siding.

Thanks to recent innovations in the industry, resulting in superior products like LP SmartSide, you can get all the warmth and classic beauty of natural wood siding, but at a lower cost.

And SmartSide doesn’t suffer from some of the disadvantages of natural wood, such as pest infestation, vulnerability to water damage, and high maintenance costs.

No one knows more about top-quality LP SmartSide engineered wood siding than the pros at Colorado Siding Repair. We do a lot of work with LP SmartSide and our customers will tell you they absolutely love the results (just take a look at the many five-star reviews we’ve been blessed to get online).

Give us a call. We’d love to show you the difference our key operating principle – Service Before Self – makes when it comes to taking on your home’s siding challenges.

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Not All Engineered Wood Siding is Created Equal

Here’s a quick introduction to engineered wood siding.

Engineered wood siding is made using one of two basic formulations: fiber formulation, and strand formulation.

The fiber-type siding is made from a wet-slurry mixture of sawdust, adhesives, additives like zinc borate, and stuff like leftover dust from furniture mills. This mixture is formed, pressed, and baked to create the siding material.

Products made from this kind of fiber formulation (not to be confused with the stout fiber cement products manufactured by James Hardie) don’t generally have what it takes to stand up to the challenges presented by Colorado’s climate.

Renewable strand-type formulations, though, are made from actual wood chips (like young-growth aspen) which are compiled together and bound with strong adhesives to create a stern, durable siding product which is vastly superior to fiber-type engineered wood.

The back of this Oriented Strand Board (OSB) product might remind you of particle board in appearance but it makes for a beautiful siding that offers great strength and durability.

That’s why the pros at Colorado Siding Repair recommend tough, long-lasting products like LP SmartSide for our customers who want that classic wood look without the hassle of frequent maintenance (or the much higher price tag).

Do You Really Need A Full Replacement?

Following a hail storm, you’ll find siding salespeople in your neighborhood and they’ll usually say you need to replace every inch of your home’s siding.

But what if only one of your outside walls was damaged?

At Colorado Siding Repair, we do full and partial siding replacement. If we can replace just a single wall, carefully matching the new material to your remaining (undamaged) siding, we’ll happily do it and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

LP SmartSide makes an excellent choice for partial replacement. Since it does need to be painted (which costs money), it might not be as good a choice for a whole-home siding replacement project but for a partial replacement, it’s often hard to beat.

We’d be honored with the opportunity to meet with you and discuss all your options. You’ll get straightforward, honest advice from Colorado Siding Repair, where our goal is your total satisfaction (not just a total replacement of your home’s siding).

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